Use Siri shortcuts in Waze

You can give Waze voice commands through Siri on your iOS device. You can tell Siri to:

  • Navigate with Waze
  • Control some Waze settings

First, set up your home and work destinations in Favorites.

Next, create your shortcuts:

  1. Tap Search , then Settings 
  2. Tap Voice & sound
  3. Tap Siri Shortcuts
  4. Tap a shortcut and record your voice, or type a sentence 

Make it fun – You can personalize your shortcuts by saying whatever you want. For example, you can say “Beam me up!” instead of “Take me home."

Once set up, say “Hey Siri,” and then say where you want to go. For example, say “Hey Siri, take me home.” Waze will automatically open and begin navigating home.

Supported shortcuts

For navigation:


Command examples

Drive home

“Take me home”

“Back to the love shack”

“Go home”

Drive to work

“Go to work”

“Drive to work”

Drive to an address in your Favorites 

“Drive to mom’s”

“Drive to the gym”

Drive to an address in your History

“Drive to 123 Sesame Street”


For settings:

Shortcut Command examples

Sound on

“Turn sound on”

Alerts only

“Just alerts”

Sounds off

“Turn sound off”


Note: You can only use one hotword at a time, "Hey Siri" or "Ok Waze."

Re-record or delete shortcuts

  1. Tap Search , then Settings 
  2. Tap Voice & sound
  3. Tap Siri Shortcuts
  4. Tap on a shortcut and choose Re-Record. If the shortcut is a sentence, you can edit it. Or, you can tap Delete Shortcut.  

Privacy and Siri Shortcuts

When you create a shortcut such as "Drive home", Waze will not share the actual address saved as "Home" in your Waze's favorites with Apple.
However, Apple does have access to what you tell Siri. So if your shortcut for home is "Drive to 123 ABC Street," Apple might know that your home address is 123 ABC Street.
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