About debug logs

What are logs?

Logs are text files stored on your device that include information about Waze app usage. Logs help us fix problems by giving us more information about what happened.

Note: Logs are limited in size and are cyclically overwritten – so if you want to include logs in a bug report, make sure to submit the report and logs as soon as possible after you experience a problem.

Learn how to send logs to Waze.

What information do logs include?

  • The flow of actions that a user performed  
    For example: What buttons were tapped and when, and what was shown on screen

  • Information about, and content from, the communications that took place between the app and Waze’s servers
    For example: A detailed GPS location for your previous route, and a route that was requested from point A to B and what route was offered in response

  • Information related to the user's device and locale
    For example: Device type, operating system version, location, language, application crash information, etc

  • A user’s profile, preferences saved in Waze settings, and other user info
    For example: Preferred display settings, preferred Gas station, etc.

Passwords and sensitive payment-related information are not stored nor included in logs.

How are logs used?

When you choose to submit logs, our test engineers review them to better understand what sequence of actions led to the bug or problem that you experienced.

Then, once and if our engineers define which component of the service caused the bug, they can open a request to fix it. As soon as a bug fix is made and released, it is available to all Waze users.

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