Waze for Apple CarPlay

With select car models and aftermarket systems, you can now use Waze directly on your car's screen with Apple CarPlay!

To use Waze on CarPlay, please make sure you are using iPhone 5s and above, running iOS 12 and above and that you also use one of the CarPlay supported car models.

Get started:

  1. Connect your iPhone to your CarPlay supported system using a USB cable or, if compatible,  a wireless connection (to learn more about how to connect your iPhone with CarPlay, please read more in the following support article by Apple).

  2. Once connected, tap on the Waze icon app icon from the CarPlay menu to launch. Once Waze is displayed on your CarPlay system, your iPhone's screen will serve as an extension for additional settings and other information.

Important notes:
  • Waze officially supports every car model or device in any area which is supported by Apple CarPlay. It is possible that in some areas there will be no keyboard displayed on CarPlay. In that case, it will be possible to type using your iPhone when needed.
  • When connected to CarPlay, Waze projects a more limited version of the app, which currently focuses primarily on navigation. It is possible that a certain functionality or report types will not be available.
  • Waze Carpool is currently not supported on CarPlay.
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