Waze for Apple CarPlay

Note: CarPlay does not currently support Waze Carpool.


Use Waze directly on your in-car display with Apple CarPlay.

For this, you will need a compatible iOS device and a car that supports CarPlay. Waze works with every car model and in-car system in regions where CarPlay is available.

Get started

  • Connect your iPhone to Apple CarPlay using a USB cable or wireless connection – learn how
  • Tap the Waze icon app icon on the CarPlay menu to launch the app

Your iPhone will serve as an extension of your CarPlay display, showing you settings and information as needed.

Note: The Waze app in CarPlay is a limited version of the mobile app, so some features might not be available.

The CarPlay dashboard

For a more detailed view, Waze is displayed in split-screen on the CarPlay dashboard. Your map occupies one half of the screen, while navigation instructions, search, and audio controls make up the other half.


You can go back to the full-screen view at any time by tapping the Waze app icon or on the map itself.

Got questions?


Why am I only seeing Waze on part of the screen?

You are in CarPlay dashboard mode. To return to the full-screen view, tap the Waze app icon or the map itself.

How do I add a stop on CarPlay?

Add a stop to your route while you navigate:

  1. Search for a new destination on your phone or choose from your Favorites
  2. In Navigation options, tap Add a stop
  3. Tap Go now

Note: You can only add one stop per route. To stop elsewhere, start a new drive.

I don’t see a keyboard when in CarPlay

If the keyboard doesn’t appear on your CarPlay display, you can use your iPhone to type.

How do I search with my voice on CarPlay?

Search for an address with your voice by tapping the microphone icon on the top bar.

To search in a different language:

  1. In Settings, tap Voice & sound
  2. Under Voice typing, tap Input language
  3. Select your preferred language from the list

How do I exit Waze on CarPlay?

To exit navigation, tap Stop on the top bar.
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