Offering rides

To offer a ride, open Waze and tap Carpool , and in your next commute window:

  1. See people on your route grouped by the time added to your drive to pick them up

  2. Look through their profiles, star ratings, common connections and the price of the ride

  3. Choose the rider you want to carpool with by tapping their profile photo

  4. In the Ride offer screen, finalize the ride details and tap Offer ride

  5. Confirm the offer by tapping Send

  6. Your offer is sent to the rider, who is automatically notified. Send your offer to multiple riders by repeating the steps above.

  7. After your offer is sent to a rider, their photo appears at the top of the screen

  8. If you get a ride request for this commute, you see a photo of the person who requested it at the top of the screen


You can also offer a ride to all the riders in the group at once:

  1. Open Waze and tap Carpool   

  2. Tap your next commute window
  3. To select all the riders, tap  (If you want to remove a rider from your selection, tap their photo) and then tap Send offers
  4. In the confirmation window, tap Send
  5. Your offer is sent and all selected riders are automatically notified​

The more offers you send, the more chances you’ll have to carpool with people on your route.


Not driving home tomorrow? Go ahead and mute Carpool for that specific commute window.

  1. At the top of the screen, switch to Mute

  2. People won't be able to contact you for rides during that commute window. To get ride requests, simply switch back to Drive.

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