Use Talk to Waze voice commands

Navigate, report and control settings using your voice.

Note: If you're using Waze Version 4.52 and up on an Android device in the US, you have the Google Assistant instead of Talk to Waze. Learn more.

Turn on Talk to Waze

1. Tap Search , then Settings 

2. Tap Voice & Sound

3. Under "Voice commands" tap Talk to Waze

4. Turn on Listen for "OK Waze" and/or 3 Finger tap 

Start talking to Waze

There are 3 ways to start talking to Waze:

  1. Say “Ok Waze”
  2. Tap the microphone on the map 
  3. Tap the map with 3 fingers

Next, say one of the voice commands below. 

To start navigating:

Action Voice Commands
Navigate Home "Home"
"Go home"
"Take me home"
Navigate to Work


"Drive to work"

Navigate to a specific address "Take me to {street} {number}, {city}"
"Navigate to {street} {number}, {city}"
Navigate to a place "Take me to {place}"
Navigate to a "Category" location "Gas station"
"Find me a gas station/parking"

During a Drive:

Action Voice Commands
Ask Waze for your next turn

"What's my next turn?"

"Next turn"

Ask Waze for your ETA

"When will I get there"

Ask Waze for alternate routes "Show me alternate routes"


Action Voice Commands
General report

"I want to report"

Report Traffic

"Report traffic jam"
"Report heavy traffic"
"Report moderate traffic"

Report Police "Report police"
Report Crash (accident) "Report accident"
"Report major accident"
Report Hazard "Report hazard/flood/construction/
pothole/vehicle stopped/animal/
missing sign/fog/hail/flood/ice/snow"
Report Camera "Report camera"

App settings:

Action Voice Commands
Sound Off/On

"Sound off"/"Mute"
"Sound on"

Close app "Close app"
Stop navigation "Stop navigation"
Ask Waze for Help/Support "Help"


Note: Your phone's voice assistant won't respond while using Talk to Waze.




Supported countries 

Talk to Waze is currently only available in English in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Ireland and New Zealand. In other countries, tapping on the microphone  on the search bar allows you to voice search street names in your language but voice commands do not work.


When I talk to Waze, it doesn't respond. What do I do?

Make sure that Waze is open on your screen and that it has access to your device's microphone:

  1. Open your device's Settings
  2. Search for App permissions and tap to open them
  3. Look for your microphone permissions and make sure they're turned on for Waze
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