Report an issue with Waze on Android Auto

If you've experienced an issue with Waze on Android Auto, send us your debug logs and open a ticket. We'll look into your issue as soon as possible.

Note: If the issue is related to Android Auto, but not to Waze, you can share your feedback with Android Auto support.

Step 1: Send us your debug logs

  1. Disconnect your device from your Android Auto unit
  2. Open Waze
  3. Enter 2##2 in the search bar​
  4. Close Waze
  5. Connect your device to your Android Auto unit
  6. Do the same thing in the app that didn’t work for you. Take a screenshot if you can.
  7. Disconnect your device from your Android Auto unit
  8. Open Waze  
  9. Tap   
  10. Tap Debug
  11. Tap Settings
  12. Scroll down, tap Send logs
  13. Tap Yes and wait for a confirmation message

Step 2: Open a Waze support ticket

  1. Open Waze
  2. Tap 
  3. Tap Help and feedback
  4. Tap Report an issue
  5. Select the topic and sub-topic related to your issue
  6. Tap Submit a ticket at the bottom of the screen
  7. Describe your issue. Make sure to add:
    • Your Waze username
      Tip: To find your username, tap , and then tap View profile.
    • The time and date you reproduced the issue
    • The time and date you submitted the logs
  8. Select "The issue appears on my In-Car system", then select your in-car system type
  9. If you want to add screenshot, tap Add 
  10. Select "Include logs" to include debug logs
  11. Tap Submit

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