Setting your carpool

Waze Carpool will suggest carpool rides along your daily route and anytime you set a planned drive. Accept a ride whenever you like. You can also offer a ride based on your schedule! 

Setting a ride that’s on your daily route

Driving to work/school? Waze Carpool suggests carpool rides along your daily route. 

To update your route and schedule

  1. Open Waze and tap Carpool

  2. Tap Settings 
  3. Tap Route & schedule 
  4. Tap Home or Work to update your daily route
  5. Tap a day of the week to update your carpool availability. Get more rides by setting a flexible schedule.
When you get a ride request you can accept, send the rider a message, or decline.

Offering a ride

Offer a ride based on your availability. When a rider wants to join your carpool you’ll get notified.

To offer a ride

  1. Open Waze and tap Carpool

  2. Tap Offer a ride 
  3. Set the From and To points of your ride
  4. Set the date and time
  5. Tap Offer ride 
  6. Edit your ride offer at any time by opening Waze and tapping Carpool. If your plans change, cancel the ride in advance so the rider can join another carpool.
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