Data sharing with third-party apps

Waze may offer you the option to link Waze to third-party services that may be useful to you (like audio partners). If you choose to connect the accounts, Waze will ask for your permission to share data with the third-party service.

Sharing with the third-party service will continue for as long as the Waze app and the third-party app are open (including where Waze or the third-party app continues to run in the background) and will restart when you next open the Waze app and the third-party app.

For audio apps, you can disable this sharing at any time in your Waze settings under Settings > Audio player by toggling off the desired audio app.

The following data may be shared with audio apps you choose to link with Waze:

  • ETA information (estimated time of arrival)
  • Route information (e.g., street names)
  • Distance to next turn
  • Next turn instructions (right, left, straight, etc.)

Note: The third-party service use of the data made available by Waze is governed by the respective third-party service privacy policy and is controlled by the respective third-party service, not by Waze. Therefore, even if you choose to delete your Waze account, the third-party service may still have the data you have shared with them. For details about removing this data please contact the respective third-party service.

In addition, Waze may receive information about you from third-party service and will use such information only in accordance with the Waze privacy policy.

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