Get speed limit alerts

See how fast you're driving and know when you reach the speed limit by turning on the Speedometer. 

  1. Tap Search , then Settings 
  2. Tap Speedometer.
  3. Turn on Show speedometer

The speedometer appears on the map while you navigate .  When you reach the maximum speed limit, you get an alert.

Customize your alerts

You can customize your alerts using the options under Speed limit 

  1. Tap Show speed limit and select an option:
    • Show when exceeding speed limit 
    • Always show speed limit 
    • Don't show
  2. Tap When to show to select alerts for when you reach the speed limit or when you exceed the speed limit.
  3. Turn on Play alert sound to hear a sound alert when the speed limit appears on the speedometer. 

Customizing alerts on Carplay

While Waze is displayed on your Carplay screen, follow the steps above in the Waze app on your iPhone. 
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