Location change reporting (iOS only)

Location change reporting allows Waze to send time to leave notifications for your upcoming calendar events and more. 

When this feature is enabled, you may see the Location Services arrow in the top right corner of your iPhone/iPad screen.

Know that Location change reporting uses minimal battery because it relies on data your mobile operating system is working with anyway, including WiFi and cell towers.

If you would like to disable this feature, please know that you will no longer receive time to leave notifications. To disable:

  1. Tap the Menu , then Settings .
  2. Tap General, toggle OFF on Location change reporting. You will cease to receive time to leave notifications and the location arrow will disappear when you close Waze.
Location change reporting setting is only available on iOS for Waze versions 4.27 and below.

If you're using iOS version 11 and above, you can now change your Location Services settings to Always, Never, or While Using the app.  To receive notifications when it's time to leave for a planned drive or upcoming calendar event, your Location Services should be set to Always.

For more information about how Waze uses location information, please consult our Privacy policy.


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