Best photo practices

Follow the guidelines below when adding places to the Waze map, and please know that each image submitted goes through a community approval process.

If you have specific questions on your communities photo guidelines/preferences, check out your local community forum or the Community Wiki page.

Guidelines for approving photos of places

  1. Photos should be clear. Blurry, dark, overexposed images will likely not be approved.
  2. Photos should show only the location associated with the listing. Not multiple places in one image (i.e. - same image submitted for all locations of a strip mall).
  3. The more information, the better! First priority is to show Wazers what a place looks like from the outside. Images such as interiors, food photos for a restaurant, class schedule for a gym, may be approved by the community if seen as adding positive value to a listing.

A photo might not be approved by your community if it contains:

  1. An image that is too blurry, dark or overexposed.
  2. Full readable license plates.
  3. Clear image of someone’s face.
  4. Ambiguous street or multiple buildings that don't point to a specific place.
  5. Image similar to one already approved.
  6. Inappropriate content.
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