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Communicate with friends in Waze

Send a message to a friend

Connect with Facebook and send a message or friendly Beep Beep to say hi to a friend in Waze.

To send a message to a friend:

  1.  Tap My Waze and then tap your name
  2. Tap My friends
  3. Tap the friend you'd like to message (friend has to be online)
  4. Tap Message, type your message and tap Send

To send a Beep Beep to a friend:

  1. ​Tap My Waze and then tap your name 
  2. Tap My friends
  3. Scroll down to the friend you'd like to beep
  4. To send a beep either:
    1. Tap the friend's name and tap Beep Beep 
    2. Swipe to the left over your friend's name and tap Beep Beep 
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