Create a permalink

A permalink is a URL link to a specific location. This information can help us try to reproduce the problematic route on our end.

  1. Go to the Livemap.
  2. Search for your location and then click on the blue location pin.
  3. Click permalink and copy the link from the pop-up.

Creating a link to a specific route

If you encounter a problematic route, please reproduce the request in our Livemap and share the URL in the form below.

  1. Go to the Livemap.
  2. Search for your location or starting point in the Search bar. Alternatively, you can click for a few seconds on the location you want to start your navigation from and choose Set as Origin.
  3. Search for your destination in the To search box. Similar to above, you can also click for a few seconds on your destination on the map and choose Set as Destination.
  4. Waze will provide you with the three best routes to get to your destination.
  5. Click on Share routes below the list of routes.
  6. Copy the link presented to you in the pop-up to your clipboard and paste it into the relevant field in the form.

Important: we will not look into requests that do not include relevant permalinks or issues related to GPS/network issues. If you are experiencing either of these issues, please visit our FAQs page.


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