Check your points

View your level, rank, and points, and how you compare to your friends and fellow Wazers.

Note: You must have a registered account to view your points and advance in rank. 

  1. Tap Search  
  2. Tap your name
  3. In My Waze, tap Scoreboard

What’s displayed on My scoreboard?

The scoreboard screen is divided into two sections: you (your username) and everyone else.

Under your username, you can find:

  • Your level, rank, and all-time points
  • The achievements (candies) you've collected – tap My Achievements to view

Under Everyone, you can find:

  • The top scorers in your state, country, or the world

You can also see your points on your Dashboard at Waze.com.

Got questions?

I’m missing points

Wait for your points to appear

Points can sometimes get delayed. Please check our status page to see when points were last updated in the app. The “NA” column stands for “North America”, “INTL” stands for “International” and “IL” stands for Israel.


Log in with the correct username

Make sure you’re logged in to your account with the points.

Check by logging out of Waze and logging in again:

  1. Open Waze and tap Search
  2. Tap Settings and then Account & login
  3. Under "Advanced", tap Log out
  4. Tap Log in
  5. Enter the email address or Google account connected to your Waze account with the points
  6. Follow the instructions to log in


About points while abroad

Waze operates globally on servers dedicated to different regions. Points don’t transfer between servers, which is why you may not see your points while you’re abroad. Once you return, it will take a few weeks for your points to reappear. 

Note: Points earned while abroad will not transfer when you return home.

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