Communicate with friends in Waze

Share your drive

Let your friends follow your drive in real time and know when you arrive at your destination.

  1. Start navigation
  2. Tap ETA
  3. Tap Share drive
  4. Choose how you want to share your drive:
    • To a phone contact - only available if you are a registered user and allow Waze access to your phone contacts
    • With a messaging app
    • Via email
    • Copy the link

If you shared your drive to a phone contact, you get an alert confirming your drive was shared.

Shared drives appear as green solid lines on the Waze map.

Stop sharing a drive

  1. Tap on the ETA bar at the bottom of your screen
  2. Tap Drive shared
  3. Tap Stop sharing

Stopping a navigation also stops a ride from being shared.

How to know if your drive is being viewed

When you share a drive with a friend using SMS, Whatsapp, or any other messaging app, they will receive a message with a link. 

When they tap the link and then tap View drive, you will get a pop up alert in Waze that your drive is being viewed. 

How to view a drive that was shared with you

From the Waze app

Tap the shared drive link that you received and tap View drive. By tapping you allow Waze to:

  • Send you push notifications about the drive
  • Display your name and photo in the driver's app (registered users only)

If you close the shared drive, you can go back to it by tapping the shared drive icon in the top right of your screen. The icon appears until the drive ends or the driver stops sharing the drive.

From the Waze website

If you don't have the Waze app installed, tap the shared drive link that you received from your phone or desktop and it will open on the Waze website. Tap View drive.

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