Get a candy reward when you complete an achievement!

Bonus candies only appear at road junctions and generally get placed on the road along your current path. If for some reason you are unable to drive over the candy, don't worry about it - the candy will come back at another location as you continue to drive, or when you use Waze again later.

Try to complete the achievements below:

Task Points
Your first 10 miles 25
Your first report 25
Your first weekend report 30
First report of a map problem 50
First friend on Waze 200
First 5 friends on Waze 2000
First week you drove 2 days 100
First week you drove 3 days 200
First week you drove 4 days 300
Your first map edit 200
Resolve 50 map problems 500
Top weekly user in your state/country 500
Complete 500 map edits 750
Drive 500 miles (800km) within a week 1000

To view your achievements in the Waze app:

  1. Tap the Menu  and then tap your name for My Waze.
  2. Tap on Scoreboard.
  3. Tap on My Achievements.
Achievements will appear in orange until you've collected them, and grey afterwards.
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