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My account has been flagged for massive drives or reports.

Waze uses a monitoring system to identify irregular user activity that could harm the map. We compare user reports and edits to flag irregular behavior. 

Who will be flagged by our system?

  1. Users who exceed the limit for reports. 

  2. Users who misuse the Waze app through inappropriate language and/or images, as well as copyright infringements.

If your account was flagged, please see the temporary penalties below:

  Excessive reporting
First flag

For 24 hours:

  • Blocked from reporting
  • Scoreboard rank as 0
Second flag

For 7 days:

  • Blocked from reporting
  • Scoreboard rank as 0
Third flag

For 30 days:

  • Blocked from reporting
  • Scoreboard rank as 0

*In addition, flagged users may be penalized by losing points.


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