I forgot my username or password.

Please know that if you forgot your username or password, you can only regain access via email.

If you never linked an email address to your account, you cannot reset your password and need to create a new account.

To reset your password:

  1. Visit our Password Reset page and type in your email address. 
  2. Follow the instructions you receive via email to reset your password.
  3. Open Waze and tap Have an account? to log in with your username and new password as shown in the reset email.

If you did not receive an email, it's possible that you didn't add an email address or you used a different email address. We suggest you add an email address and password to your user for the future. To do so:

  1. Tap Search and then the Settings wheel.
  2. Tap Account & login within the Waze app and fill out the email and password fields.

Additionally, we recommend enabling Smart Lock backup for Android or Account Recovery with iCloud to ensure you never lose your account again:

Smart Lock backup for Android users

Account recovery for iOS users

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