What happens when you use a new phone

If you've switched to a new device and have an account with a connected email address, your Waze points and Favorites will transfer with you!

To ensure your points and favorites appear on your device, please make sure to log in with your registered account. To do so, follow the steps below once you've downloaded Waze on your new device.

To sign into your account:

  1. Open Waze on your new device
  2. Tap Log in
  3. Enter the email address connected to your Waze account
  4. Follow the instructions to log in
    Note: If you log into your account on a new device, you only see your recent destinations for that specific device.

Having issues logging in to your account?

Please read about our troubleshooting tips.

For quick account recovery, we recommend enabling Smart Lock backup (Android) or iCloud (iOS) before switching to a new phone.
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