Submit debug logs

In certain situations, debug logs will help us investigate an issue further. Please follow the instructions below to enable debug mode and send logs.

  1. Tap Search .
  2. In the Search bar, search for 2##2 and tap Search.
  3. Close Waze.
    1. For iOS users: Double tap your iPhone's home button and swipe up to close Waze.
    2. For Android users: Close Waze as you would any either app - either swipe down and tap Switch off or tap the Recent apps (square) icon and swipe Waze to the right to close.
  4. Open Waze and reproduce the issue.
  5. To send the logs tap Reports and then tap the bee icon .
  6. After sending your Waze logs, please open a ticket with us using the button below.
  7. Repeat step number 2 to quit debug mode.

Report an issue

When you submit your logs, please make sure to send us the following information in your ticket:

  • Your username
  • The date and time you sent the logs
  • The date and time you reproduced the issue
  • A screenshot (if relevant)

Click here to learn all about debug logs


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