Customize the map

Choose a map display, color scheme, alerts and more.

To open the map settings, tap Search and then Settings and then Map display 

Display settings​

Mode - Use "Day" mode during light hours and "Night" mode during dark hours to reduce the brightness of your screen. To switch between modes according to the daylight, turn on "Auto". 

Type - Choose a 2D or 3D view of the map

Lock North-up mode - Turn it on so the map always points North regardless of your driving direction

Auto zoom - Turn it on to automatically zoom in the map when you're driving slowly and zoom out when you're driving fast

Color options - Choose a color scheme for the map

Car icon - Choose an icon to represent your car on the map 

More settings

Reports  - Tap Reports to see a list of all Waze's report types. You can turn alerts on or off for each report type by tapping it.
Wazers - Turn it on to see other Wazers around you on the map
Traffic - Turn it on see traffic jams highlighted on the map
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