Customize the map

Choose a map display, color scheme, alerts and more.

To open the map settings, tap Search and then Settings and then Map display 

Display settings​

Dark Mode - Choose your preferred screen brightness:

  • "On" turns on Dark mode
  • "Off" turns off Dark mode
  • "Only at night" applies dark mode automatically after sunset
  • "Same as phone settings" aligns with general Dark mode settings on your device

Mode - Choose a 2D or 3D view of the map

Keep map north up - Turn it on so the map always points North regardless of your driving direction

Auto zoom - Turn it on to automatically zoom in the map when you're driving slowly and zoom out when you're driving fast

Color options - Choose a color scheme for the map

Car icon - Choose an icon to represent your car on the map 

More settings

Reports  - Tap Reports to see a list of all Waze's report types. You can turn alerts on or off for each report type by tapping it.
Show Wazers - Turn it on to see other Wazers around you on the map
Show Traffic - Turn it on see traffic jams highlighted on the map
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