Please note: Waze Carpool service is being retired. For more information click here.

Add your business to the map

Add a business using the Waze Map Editor

While you can add your business as a place from the Waze app, adding a business through the Waze Map Editor (WME) allows more control over the information submitted. 

Find out more information about Places and how to add them using the Waze Map Editor in the Community Wiki.

Can't add a place/business

If the area you'd like to edit is locked, check who the last user was to edit and reach out to them via Map Chat.  You can also contact your community leaders through your local community forum.

Advertise your business with Waze

If you are the business owner and wish to advertise with Waze, learn more at Waze Advertising.

For more information, see related article here.

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