Submit a report in Waze

Help your fellow Wazers and report an incident on the road.

  1. Tap Reports  This will save your location if you choose to submit the report later.
  2. Select the report type from the Report menu.
  3. Tap Send to share the report.

*Note: You must be near the event to start the report. If you lose internet connection while sending a report, Waze will save the report and automatically submit it once you reconnect to the network.

Follow our guidelines below to ensure accurate reporting in Waze:

  • Report as close to the actual hazard as possible.
  • Avoid excessive reporting or your account may be blocked for abuse. For more information check out our Help Center article.
  • Only report hazards seen in real time (not retroactively).
  • Don't report planned closures through the Reports button. Read about closures in the Major Traffic Events section of our website.

Report a map issue:

Report a map issue if you've encountered a map problem, such as an incorrect turn, wrong address or missing road.

  1. ​Tap Reports 
  2. Tap Map Issue .
  3. Add details about the issue and tap Send

Update gas prices:

  1. ​Tap Reports 
  2. Tap on Gas prices .
  3. Choose the gas station that you would like to update.
  4. Type in the updated gas prices.
  5. Tap Send.

You must be within a radius of 0.3 miles/500 meters and above the rank of a baby Wazer to update gas prices.

Send a road closure:

Reporting road closures must take place around the area.

  1. Tap Reports 
  2. Tap on Closure .
  3. Choose the road entrance(s) that should be blocked by tapping on the arrow.
  4. You can specify the Duration of time for the closure. You can also take a picture of the closure and/or add more details.
  5. Tap Send to share the report.

The closure will only be active on your map until other users report the same closure. The road will reopen when users drive through it.

Report a hazard on the road:

  1. Tap Reports 
  2. Tap Hazard .
  3. Choose the relevant type of hazard.
  4. Add any other relevant information in the comments section and tap Send.

Pave a missing road:

Add a missing road to the Waze map while you're driving.

  1. Tap Reports .
  2. Tap Map Issue .
  3. Select Pave  and then tap the Pave button.
  4. Continue driving with Waze open as you pave the new road. Once you've finished, tap the Map issue icon on the left side of the map and tap Stop.
  5. For this newly paved road to appear on the Waze map, please log into the Map Editor using your Waze username and password and connect the segment to the relevant location.
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