View and manage recent locations

When you start navigation or check the ETA or route overview of a location, it’s saved as a recent location. To view recent locations:

  1. Open Waze
  2. Tap the search bar 

Under the search bar, a list of your recent locations appears

Note: Recent locations are saved locally to your device. If you switch devices or reinstall Waze, they may not appear. 

Do more with recent locations

Next to a location, tap the 3 dots for more options:

Send location

Tap one of the suggested apps to share your location with a friend. Anyone with the link can see the location and also share it.

Add a saved place

Add the location to your list of saved places so you can always find it, even if you switch devices or reinstall Waze. Give it a name to make it easier to find, or just leave the address and tap Done.


View the address, distance and location on the map. Tap Go to start navigating to the location or Later to plan a drive in advance.

Find parking

Get a list of nearby parking lots and garages. Tap Park here to start navigating to the location or Later to plan a drive in advance.


See all route options from the ETA screen. Tap a route to start navigating.

Plan drive

Plan a drive in advance and Waze will tell you when it's time to leave based on live traffic updates. Simply choose your starting point and desired arrival time, then tap Save.


You can remove recent locations individually from the Waze menu. 

Note: Recent locations are removed from your device. They are not deleted from Waze’s servers.


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