Avoid toll roads, freeways and ferries

Routes that include toll roads, freeways and ferries are clearly marked with icons:

  •   or the word "TOLL" with the approximated toll price 

Tell Waze not to take you on toll roads, freeways and ferries

  1. Open Waze
  2. Tap Search , then Settings 
  3. Tap Navigation
  4. Turn on the options you prefer:
  • Avoid toll roads 
  • Avoid freeways
  • Avoid ferries
  • This feature is not yet available in all countries.
  • Avoiding HOV and express lanes is not included in this feature.
  • Waze may sometimes suggest routes that include toll roads, freeways, or ferries when this feature is turned on, depending on the routes available at the time you're driving. 
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