If Waze is unable to locate GPS and you see a message of No GPS - Showing approximate location at the top of your screen, follow these steps to check your GPS signal:
On Android

On your device's settings, tap Security & location > Location and in the following menu:

  1. Make sure "Use location" is toggled on.
  2. Go to App-level permissions and make sure Waze is toggled on.
  3. Tap Advanced > Google Location Accuracy and then toggle "Improve Location Accuracy" on.
  4. Lastly, tap Scanning and toggle Wi-Fi scanning and Bluetooth scanning on.

Note: If you are using Android 8.1 and below, please make sure to tap Mode, and then pick High accuracy.

For more instructions about Android location management, please click here.

On iOS

First, make sure Location Services for Waze (under Settings > Privacy) are turned to Always or While Using the App (read more here). If the issue persists:

  1. Open your phone Settings > Privacy > Location Services and toggle the switch off.
  2. Perform a hard reset on your iPhone. Read this article for instructions for your iPhone.
  3. Go back to phone Settings > Privacy > Location Services once again and toggle the switch on.
If the above steps didn't resolve the issue, please log out from your Waze account and log in again: To log out, please tap Search > Settings > Account & Login > Log out. Before doing so, make sure your email is linked to your account by tapping Search > Settings > Account & Login > Email. This will allow you to reset your password should you need to do so. We recommend enabling account recovery with iCloud or Smart Lock backup for the future. 
If Waze is still unable to get GPS signal we advise you to contact your local cellular provider/device manufacturer in order to check the GPS component on your device. Checking other location based apps can be a good way to check whether the issue is with Waze or with your device/OS.
iOS 10 and below users only: If the issue persists, please make sure you have good GPS signal. Check you signal with the GPS Status app, which is available to download from the App Store. Read more here.
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