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If Waze is unable to locate GPS and you see a message of No GPS - Showing approximate location at the top of your screen, follow these steps to check your GPS device:
On iOS
  1. Go to your phone Settings > Privacy.
  2. Toggle Location Services to On and make sure Waze is set to Always.

Reset the GPS by doing a hard reset; hold the Power and Home buttons until your device shuts down (for around 20 seconds).

If Waze is still unable to get GPS signal we advise you to contact your local provider in order to check the GPS component on your device.
On Android
  1. Go to your phone Settings > Location.
  2. Make sure the options are turned On.
  3. If you have an additional setting, Mode, touch it and choose High accuracy.

If the issue persists, try performing the following suggestions:

  • Turn on Android's Assisted GPS feature (available on some devices under Settings > Location & Security). Both Use Wireless Networks and Use GPS Satellites should be checked.
  • Reset the AGPS data in your device using GPS Status & Toolbox or similar app from Google Play store.
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