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You can control your privacy on Waze by using the following features:

Go Invisible

Other privacy settings

Location change reporting

Go Invisible

You can set your Wazer to an invisible mode to be hidden from the map for a particular drive using the "Settings" and choosing the "My Waze" option.
Using this feature means that, for a particular drive:
(1) you will be shown as offline to your friends;
(2) your Waze icon will not be shown on the map;
(3) you will not be able to send reports, add/edit places, or send messages to friends and other Wazers.

You will be visible again the next time you open the application.

Facebook Privacy Settings
You can choose which Facebook friends to share your location with, who can see whenever you’re online or whether you’re driving nearby. Don’t worry. No one can actively look up your location.

View your Drives
If you have chosen to set up a username, and sign into the website, you can see your past drives under the "Drive" tab of the "Edit the Map" page.

Temporary user
You can skip setting a username and become a temporary user. In order to access certain features of Waze (for example map editing, ranking, moods) you will need to set up a username. You can choose not to do this by skipping the username setup stage of the application installation process.

Delete Account
You can choose to delete your Waze account, your username (if you have set one up) and your personal information by using the "Delete Account" option which is available under the Settings menu in the application and on the Waze website. If you delete your Waze account all your credits, saved favorite locations, drive history and rank will be gone. Information you have contributed to Waze (like map edits and statistical drive data) will not be removed, but it will not be linked to you.

To opt out of interest-based ads:


Location change reporting (Waze versions 4.27 and below on iOS only)

To receive ‘Time to Leave’ reminders on iOS for Calendar events and planned drives, Waze needs access to your current location even when you’re not using the app.

For more information, please check out our related article:

Location change reporting

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