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About Waze

Waze is a 100% free of charge turn-by-turn GPS navigation application that provides real-time traffic updates, plus all kinds of cool social and geo-gaming elements that actually make commuting fun. Wazers can actively update one another on traffic, police traps, construction, speedcams, and more.  And because it's user-generated, the more people who use it, the better (and more addictive) it gets!

Commuters usually have more than one route to their destination, and the eternal question when you get into the car is "which route is the best for me right now?" Once you enter your Favorites (such as home or work addresses) and drive with the app open along each of these routes, Waze will collect information and learn your optional routes.  Waze will then be able to answer the question each morning "which route is preferable?"

After typing in their destination address, users just drive with the app open on their phone to passively contribute traffic and other road data. They can also take a more active role by sharing road reports on accidents, police traps, or any hazards along the way.  This helps other users in the area get a heads-up about what’s to come. In addition to the local communities of drivers using the app, Waze is also home to an active community of online map editors who ensure that the data in their areas is as up-to-date as possible.

Waze makes it fun to help your fellow commuters with points and achievements. Everyone starts out as a baby Wazer.  Drive around with Waze open, report incidents along your route and get more points to become a grown Wazer, a Waze knight, or even be among the selected few who are Waze royalty! The social side of Waze has a lot going on, too. See nearby friends on the map, share your drive, to find out when everyone is arriving where you are.

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