Manage average speed enforcement zone alerts

When you enter an average speed enforcement zone, an average speed camera records your average speed based on the time it takes you to enter and exit an area. In countries that have average speed enforcement zones, Waze alerts you about upcoming zones to help you comply with speed limits.

Whether you're navigating to a destination or you have Waze open on your device, you'll receive a voice alert and visual notification as you approach the zone.

Note: Speed cameras are added to the map based on reports from our partners and map editors – if a speed camera wasn't reported by an editor or partner, Waze may not know about it.

Turn off average speed enforcement zone alerts

  1. Open Waze
  2. Tap 
  3. Tap Settings
  4. Tap Alerts and reports
  5. Tap Reports
  6. Tap Speed cameras
  7. Turn off "Alert while driving"

Got questions?

Does Waze show my average speed while driving?

Waze shows you your live speed while driving. Currently, it doesn't calculate or show your average speed.

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