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Edit gas types and prices

Update gas prices and available fuel types on the Waze map.

Note: You must be within a radius of 0.3 miles/500 meters of a gas station, and have driven at least 100 miles/160 kms in the past to update gas prices.

  1. Open Waze
  2. Tap 
  3. Swipe up to open the full menu
  4. Tap Gas prices
  5. Tap the relevant gas station
  6. Tap Edit prices
  7. Update the prices of the available gas types
  8. Delete the price if a gas type is unavailable (appears as N/A)
  9. Tap Submit prices


Got questions?

How do I make sure my report is added to the map?

Only report incidents that you see in real time, and report as close to the actual incident as possible.

How do I remove a wrong report?

Reports appear on the map for a certain amount of time and this time changes according to the number of Wazers who react to a report.

If you see a report that's no longer accurate, tap Not there. This will decrease the amount of time during which the report is displayed.

What if I lose internet connection while reporting?

When you tap , Waze saves your location. If you lose your internet connection, Waze will save the report and submit it automatically once you reconnect to the network.

What is excessive reporting and how can I avoid it?

Waze limits the amount of times a user can report to reduce the chances of spam and incorrect reporting. Users who are suspected of excessive reporting may be blocked from reporting on the map. To avoid excessive reporting, try to limit your reports to once per minute.

If your account has already been flagged for excessive reporting, you won't be able to report for a little while. If you're flagged more than once, the time you're not able to report will increase:

  Blocked from reporting for
First flag 24 hours
Second flag 7 days
Third flag 30 days

Will other users see my username?

Yes. Your username appears on the report that's added to the map and is visible to other users.

Need more help? Check out our Waze Community forum for more questions and answers about Direction and navigation

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