Waze search and routing algorithms

Waze's search algorithm is designed to show you the most relevant results for your search. When you insert a query on Waze, we will identify potential locations and show you results based on the following factors, in this order of importance:

  • Your distance from the identified location
  • The extent by which the identified location matches your search query
  • The identified location's prominence and popularity

In the event your query matches an advertisement or other paid content, it will be presented at the top of the search results and clearly labeled as an ad.

Once you have chosen your destination, Waze aims to provide you with alternative routes to your chosen destination. When ranking the suggested routes to your destination we will take under consideration the following factors, in this order of importance:

  • Road/area restrictions (e.g. restrictions based on time, vehicle type etc.)
  • User preferences (e.g. to avoid toll roads)
  • Road types (e.g. toll, private etc.)
  • Estimated time of arrival ("ETA")
  • Route length & number of segments

Based on these factors, we will show you a number of suggested routes. The first route will always be the route we deem as the optimal route. The other suggested routes are ranked based on the above mentioned factors, as well as your preferred routes (i.e. a route that you tend to take) and the natural routes (i.e. a route that you would expect to get) to the destination. All routes are also labeled to allow you to better understand why each route is presented.

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