Navigate with Waze from third-party apps

You may see the option to connect Waze with a third-party service, such as a rideshare app. If you choose to do so, Waze will ask for your permission to share data with that third-party service, and in some cases, to let that service control some of your routing settings.

Data-sharing between Waze & third-party services

If you accept, Waze will share data with the third-party service for as long as the Waze app and the third-party app are open (including where Waze or the third-party app continue to run in the background) and restarts when you next open the Waze app and the third-party app.

The following data may be shared:

  • Info about your estimated time of arrival (ETA)
  • Route info, like street names
  • Distance to next turn
  • Next turn instructions, like right, left, straight, etc.

Note: The third-party service use of the data made available by Waze is governed by the respective third-party service privacy policy and is controlled by the respective third-party service, not by Waze. Therefore, even if you choose to delete your Waze account, the third-party service may still have the data you have shared with them. For details about removing this data please contact the respective third-party service.

In addition, Waze may receive information about you from third-party service and will use such information only in accordance with the Waze privacy policy.

Your Waze routing settings may change

Whenever you navigate with Waze while it is connected to a third-party service (such as a rideshare app), that service may override some of your routing settings in Waze. This helps ensure consistency between the price shown by that service to its riders, and the price actually paid when the ride ends.

The following Waze settings may be overridden:

  • Avoid toll roads
  • Avoid ferries
  • Avoid freeways
  • Allow dirt roads 

Once the ride is over, your settings return to normal. But they can be overridden again during upcoming rides you take with that third-party service, in which you navigate with Waze. If so, you’ll get a pop-up in the Waze app notifying you.


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