Get personalized ETAs

Waze can personalize your ETA to improve the accuracy of your estimated times of arrival (ETA) for your upcoming drives.

How does it work?

When "Personalize your ETA" is turned on, Waze analyzes drives you took in the past. It calculates how long it took you to drive sections of the route, and compares this information with Waze’s estimates. Then, it uses this info to personalize your ETA whenever you search for a route in Waze.


  • Waze won’t analyze drives that you delete from your Navigation history. If you delete drives, Waze may stop personalizing your ETA until you take more drives.
  • Personalized ETA is not available if your vehicle type is set to Motorcycle. 

Turn on Personalize your ETA

  1. Open Waze
  2. Tap 
  3. Tap Settings
  4. Tap Navigation 
  5. Turn on "Personalize your ETA"

Note: To disable this setting, turn off "Personalize your ETA".

Got questions?

I don’t see the option to turn on "Personalize your ETA"

Waze may determine that personalizing your ETA wouldn’t make a difference for you. If so, you won’t see this option in Waze’s settings.

If it appears in the future, Waze will let you know with a pop-up when you open the app.

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