Report a fraudulent Google Wallet transaction

Some unauthorized sellers or individuals spoof Google text, images, and trademarks in order to fraudulently create Google Wallet invoices. If you're not sure if your completed transaction was legitimate, you can contact us to find out.

Complete this form if you believe you've encountered a scam involving a fraudulent Google Wallet transaction. The information you provide us with may be used to further investigate this matter in aggregate, and may be shared with the appropriate authorities as part of our effort to shut down these types of operations.

Google Wallet is unable to respond to all individual inquiries. For immediate attention to your matter, contact your card-issuing bank and/or the appropriate authorities to report the fraudulent activity.

Submit this form once for each fraudulent transaction you'd like to report. If you're having trouble filling in the form or need additional information to do so, give us a call.

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Scan and upload all relevant records related to your transaction, including fraudulent emails or invoices you received, records of money/bank transfers, etc.
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Please describe your interaction with the fraudulent seller. If you sent money to the seller, include any unique identifiers for this transaction, such as the MoneyGram Reference Number, Western Union Money Transfer Control Number, or the bank account / routing number you were instructed to transfer funds to.

In the future, keep in mind that Google Wallet does not accept payments via Western Union/Money Gram, nor does it use any escrow type of payment. Here's a list of all Google Wallet payment methods.

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