Verifying Bank Account

Note that you will need to enter bank account information before verifying your bank account.

To ensure the security and validity of your information, you will be asked to perform account verification each time you add or edit bank account information in your Google Wallet Merchant Center account.

  1. Once your bank account information is entered and you've clicked Confirm and continue, Google will make a small deposit into your account. Please remember that it may take up to three days for your bank to process this deposit.
  2. View your bank account statement or contact your bank to locate this deposit. The deposit will be labeled GOOGLE DEPOSIT [your credit card statement name]. This deposit will generally be less than $1.00 USD, and will be from 'GOOGLE PAYMENT'.
  3. Once you've located the deposit, sign in to your Google Wallet Merchant Center account.
  4. Click on the Payment settings tab and select the account you'd like to verify.
  5. Under the account you are attempting to verify, click the "verify test deposit" link.
  6. Enter your test deposit amount exactly as it appeared in your bank account. Enter the deposit amount as it is displayed on your bank statement. If the deposit amount is 0.05, you should enter 05 or .05 as the deposit amount. Please do not include leading zeros. Once this is complete, click Submit.
  7. Once your bank account has been verified, please visit the Payment settings tab and click "Select" next to the bank account that you would like to designate as your primary form of payment.

Your account is now ready to receive payouts. To learn more about the frequency of payouts, visit our Google Play Developer Payout Schedule help page. When troubleshooting payment issues, remember:

  • You must verify your bank account to be eligible to receive payouts.
  • Your earned balance at the time of disbursement or transfer must be at least $1.00.
  • The Payouts tab is on a delay. It will update within 24 hours of a transaction, including:
    • Orders you have processed
    • Account adjustments made by Google
    • Chargebacks that Google has passed on to you
    • Refunds that you have made to a buyer
    • Payments from Google to you
    • Google-initiated recovery amount to cover your negative balance
  • Google doesn't initiate deposits on weekends or bank holidays. Payments scheduled on a weekend or bank holiday will be made on the following business day.

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