Sign Up for your Google Wallet Merchant Account


To sign up for a Google Wallet Merchant Account:

  1. Visit the Google Wallet Merchant Account signup page.
  2. If prompted, login with your Google Account. If you don't already have a Google account, you'll need to create one.
  3. Once you are signed in with a Google Account, complete the signup form.


Next, you'll need to provide some basic information about your business.

Keep the following tips in mind when filling out the form:

  1. Your Business name: Enter the name of your business as you want it to appear on your page. Remember that this information will be shown to your customers and will also be shown on your receipts.
  2. Contact name: Enter the name of an authorized representative for your company. This should be the person Google can contact if we have questions about your account.
  3. Business Location: Provide your legal business address as it appears on official documents. Remember that you will later need to make sure that your bank must be registered in the same country as your Google Wallet Merchant account. Learn more about bank account requirements here.
  4. Address: It’s important that we have a valid, physical address on file for your business. For that reason, we do not support PO box addresses at this time.
  5. Phone number: This should be a phone number that Google can contact if we have questions about your account.
  6. Tax ID: For sellers in the US, find out more about tax requirements here. Please note that updated tax information is required in order to receive payouts.

Learn more about why we ask for this information during the sign up process.


That's it! You can now log in to manage your account.

Creating multiple accounts

You can create multiple Google Wallet Merchant accounts if you have several storefronts, applications, or websites. Each time you sign up you'll need a different, valid login email address. While you can use the same bank account information for more than one account, you may be required to complete the verification process each time.

Protecting your personal information

Our highest priority is to enable secure transactions between buyers and merchants. Rest assured that:

  • Payments transactions are encrypted with industry-standard SSL (secure sockets layer) technology. Learn more about API authentication and security.
  • Your bank account details and credit card information, which are stored in a single location on our secure servers, are only accessed when needed to complete transactions.
  • Google is committed to preserving the security of your information, and will not share your information with anyone except under the very limited circumstances described in our Privacy Policy.


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