Chargeback resolution policy

How it works

The Chargeback Resolution Policy is the basic chargeback protection available to all merchants for all Google Wallet transactions. Google will evaluate all chargebacks you receive and, whenever possible, fight them on your behalf when you provide sufficient documentation. Your account will not be debited for the chargeback if it can be successfully disputed by Google.

Increase your chances of winning chargebacks:

  • Respond to our requests for additional information as soon as possible so that we may fight the chargeback on your behalf.
  • Include all communications you've had with your buyer when responding to our requests for additional information.
  • Include tracking numbers for all your orders. Upon receipt of a chargeback, include the relevant order's tracking number in your response to the chargeback inquiry.
  • For service orders or personal deliveries, ask buyers to print out and sign a copy of the Checkout receipt stating that your services have been completed to their satisfaction.
  • As a best practice, make your business policies visible to buyers before they place an order. The Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA) entitles buyers to issue chargebacks regardless of a merchant's own business policies. However, if there is evidence that the buyer had the option to view a merchant's policies before placing the order, your chance of winning the chargeback is greatly increased.

Fair Credit Billing Act

The federal Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA) entitles consumers to issue disputes for any billing error. Billing errors can include unauthorized transactions, non-delivery of the item, item delivered not as described or defective, and failure to post payments/credits for returns. Keep in mind that orders can be disputed per the FCBA regardless of the merchant's own business policies. Learn more about consumer rights under the FCBA.

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