Recurring charges and subscriptions

Google Wallet for digital goods now supports subscriptions and recurring charges. If you’re a Google Wallet for digital goods merchant, you can take the following actions through your account:

  • View subscriptions
  • Cancel subscriptions: a cancellation will not trigger a refund to the buyer but will only cancel all future billing of the subscription.
  • Issue refunds

If a buyer cancels their subscription, no future recurrences will be billed. Also, if a buyer's credit card expires, an email will be sent to the buyer asking them to update their payment information. The buyer has three business days to update their credit card information or the subscription will be canceled.

Keep in mind that the current month's subscription, including the service or digital good provided by the merchant, will continue for the remainder of the current month. Google does not automatically refund the buyer for the balance of the current month. If you choose to refund the current month's subscription, at your own discretion, use the Merchant Center's refund capability.

To learn about how to implement subscriptions with Google Wallet for digital goods, visit the Developer API site for more information.

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