Getting started with Google Wallet for digital goods

Implementing the Google Wallet for digital goods API requires that you provide both client-side and server-side code.

Here is an overview of the steps involved in integrating the API:

  1. Create a JSON Web Token for each item that can be purchased (Server)
  2. Load the API library through an item on your web page (Client)
  3. Create callback handlers (Client, optional)
  4. Call the API’s buyItem() method (Client)
  5. Acknowledge the purchase notification (Server, optional)

To implement the Google Wallet for digital goods API, you will need to have your Merchant Key, Seller Identifier, and a postback URL.

You can locate your Seller Identifier and Merchant Key, as well as modify your postback URL in the Google Wallet Merchant Center. Learn more here.

For step-by-step implementation instructions, please see the Wallet for digital goods Developer’s Guide at