Order and activate the Google Wallet Card

Order card

To get your Google Wallet Card you'll need to be in the US and have already gone through the identity verification process. Once you've met all these requirements, you'll see a promo in your Wallet (desktop site or mobile app) inviting you to get the Wallet Card.

Your Wallet Card should arrive in 10-12 days. Keep checking your Wallet during this time for shipping updates and estimated delivery.

Activate card

Once your card arrives, simply sign in to your Wallet and follow the instructions to activate it on the desktop site, under Wallet Card and app, or in the mobile app.

You'll be prompted to enter the last four digits of your Wallet Card. If you're activating on the desktop site, and have never used the Wallet mobile app before, you'll need to create a Wallet PIN before you can activate your card.

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