My online payment was declined

If you received an email from Google Wallet notifying you about a failed charge, you'll need to update your payment information through the link provided in your email. Please note that updating your card in your Google Wallet account directly, instead of using this link, will not automatically charge your pending order.

Your order will automatically be canceled if your payment information is not updated.

If you believe your card was declined by error, double check the following common causes:

  • Enter the entire card number without any spaces or dashes.
  • Verify your card hasn't expired, and enter the correct expiration date.
  • Enter the correct Card Verification Code (CVC).
  • Confirm the billing address in your Google Wallet account matches the billing address on your card statement.

Note: Once you successfully update your payment information, the seller can charge and fulfill your order. Review the status of your order and confirm your card was successfully updated by signing into your account at

If you're not able to resolve the issue with your payment declining, contact your card issuer for more information.

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