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All your Google Wallet transactions made within the last 120 days are covered by Google Wallet Fraud Protection. If you see a charge on your card or bank statement for a Wallet transaction that you didn't make, we're here to help you file a dispute through the process below.

1. Identify Google Wallet charges

Google Wallet charges will only appear on your statement under the following names:

  • GOOGLE*Merchant Name
  • GOOGNFC*Merchant Name

Unauthorized transactions for other Google products, like Google Play, Google Drive, and YouTube are covered under separate policies. Visit their help centers for more information.

If the charge you're seeing doesn't match one of the names above, it's not a Google Wallet transaction. Contact your bank or card-issuer directly for more information.

2. Check with your family and friends

If you don't recognize a transaction on your Wallet, make sure anyone who might have access to it didn't make it, like household members, business partners, or friends. If you don't have a Google Wallet, make sure someone you know didn't use your card or bank account to make transactions.

3. File a claim

Once you've confirmed that the charge is from Google Wallet, and wasn't made by anyone you know, you can submit this form or dispute it with one of our agents:

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