Loyalty programs

Many merchants offer their customers loyalty programs through which they can earn spending rewards, points, and other benefits. Your Wallet's Loyalty and gift cards section lets you store a digital copy of all your loyalty cards.

You can find a list of featured programs in the Loyalty and gift cards section. These merchants have integrated their systems with Google Wallet's so you can receive notifications from them, link your existing loyalty account, or sign up for a new one directly on the Wallet app.

When you join a program using Google Wallet, Google will share the entered information with the merchant in order to sign you up. You are agreeing to the merchant's terms of service for the loyalty program and to their privacy policy.

If you have a loyalty account, but can't find the merchant on the list, you can add your membership ID manually by touching the + sign.

Your loyalty program information will not be automatically entered when you tap and pay with an NFC device. Make sure to show the cashier your account information before you tap and pay.

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