Fix problems with QR code payments (Brazil only)

Common issues with QR code payments

  • No internet connection: To make QR code payments, your device must be connected to the internet.
  • Card isn’t supported:
    • Only cards issued in Brazil may be eligible. Some cards, like Caixa and Debit Elo cards issued by Banco Bradesco, aren’t supported for QR code payments. Learn more about the supported payment methods.
    • Some cards are supported by Wallet for QR code payments, but may not be supported for the merchant’s QR code. If your card is unsupported for a specific QR code and you try to make payment, you’ll find a “Not supported for this QR” message.
  • Merchant selects Pix QR Code: Ask the merchant to generate a QR code for card payment. That way the merchant would know to initiate a card payment first and then choose to generate the QR code.

Payment error messages

”Something went wrong with the QR code”

Ask the merchant for a new QR code.

”This payment was already made”

This message means you already made the payment. To confirm, check your transaction history:

  1. Open the Google Wallet app .
  2. Go to Payment methods.
  3. Select the payment method.
  4. Review transaction activities.
”This card does not support QR code payments”

Use a different card that supports QR payments. Learn more about supported payment methods.

”QR code expired”
Ask the merchant to reload the QR code and try again.
”Can’t complete payment”

There’s an issue with the payment. Try again.

”Something went wrong”
Check your internet connection and try again. If you still experience issues, try again later.
”Your device isn’t connected to the internet”
Check your internet connection and try again. If you still experience issues, try again later.
”You need to update your phone”

Your phone’s software must be updated. On your phone, check for system updates.

”The system is updating”

The system on your device is updating. Try to make the payment again later.

“Reader doesn’t support QR code payments in Wallet yet”

Some payment terminals don’t support QR code payments.

  • TEF devices aren't supported for QR code payments with Google Wallet.
  • If you’re using Visa or Mastercard to make a QR code payment, pay at a terminal from one of the following brands:
    • Cielo
    • Getnet
    • Rede

If you don’t know what terminal a merchant is using, ask the merchant.

Issues with installment payments

For issues with installments, contact your card issuer.

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