Transaction details and status

Google Wallet will record the dates and times of your transactions. You can view transactions made using Google Wallet in the mobile app or on the desktop site.

There may be a slight delay between the time you see your transaction in Google Wallet and when it appears on your statement. Returns might show up in your transaction history as a separate transaction from the original purchase.

If you ever notice an unauthorized transaction with your Wallet contact us immediately so we can block your account, and file a dispute.

Transaction status

  • For sending money: The amount you sent hasn't reached the recipient's account yet.
  • For purchases: The final amount of this purchase may change. Pending transactions that do not settle will be removed from your transaction history. Most transactions will change from 'Pending' to 'Completed' within a few days.

    For some types of merchants there will be a temporary hold on a percentage beyond the purchase price. When the transaction completes, and we know the actual amount, we'll adjust the charge accordingly.

    Example merchants and percentages:

    • Restaurants and bars 20%
    • Taxi and limo 20%
    • Hotels 15%
    • Car rental 15%
    • Cruise lines 15%
    • Health and beauty 20%
    • Gas stations $75.00 (min)

We're attempting to get more details about your transaction.


Your transaction was processed successfully.

Transactions with multiple charges

Your purchases with some merchants, like airlines or shipping services, might be processed in more than one installment. You can find a breakdown of these installments in the transaction details, which lists both complete and pending charges.

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