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Australia: Supported payment methods

Important: For other countries and regions, find supported payment methods for contactless payments.

To find out if your bank or card supports contactless payments with Google Wallet, check the table below. To quickly search for your bank or card, use Ctrl + f.

Banks Supported cards Unsupported cards
ubank ubank Visa Debit Card None
AMEX Consumer, small business and corporate Cards issued by American Express Prepaid cards 

Check the list of supported cards

ANZ Plus Visa Debit card

Visa Credit card

ANZ Signature Cards
ANZ Prepaid cards
Bank of Melbourne Check the list of supported cards Corporate & Purchasing cards
Travel money cards
Personal Visa debit cards
All other Business cards
Bank of Queensland Limited Visa Debit and Credit  
BankSA Check the list of supported cards Corporate & Purchasing cards
Travel money cards
Personal Visa debit cards
All other Business cards
Bankwest Mastercard credit and debit cards Visa cards and eftpos debit cards
Bendigo Bank Bendigo Debit Mastercard
Business Debit Mastercard
Geelong Cats Debit Mastercard
Adelaide Crows Debit Mastercard
Youth Debit Mastercard 
Platinum Rewards Mastercard
Low Rate Platinum Mastercard
Low Rate Mastercard
Qantas Platinum Mastercard
RSPCA Mastercard
Business Credit Mastercard
CSB B-Entertained Debit Mastercard
CSB B-Packaged Debit Mastercard
CSB B-Maximised Debit Mastercard
Rural Bank Visa Debit Card
Adelaide Bank Visa Credit Card
Single-branded eftpos cards (i.e. not Visa co-branded)
Coastline Credit Union Limited Visa cards  
Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Awards Credit Card
Gold Awards Credit Card
Platinum Awards Credit Card
Diamond Awards Credit Card
Visa Classic Credit Card
Visa Gold Credit Card
Visa Platinum Credit Card
Visa Diamond Credit Card
Low Rate Credit Card
Low Rate Gold Credit Card
Visa Low Rate Credit Card
Low Fee Credit Card
Low Fee Gold Credit Card
Visa Low Fee Credit Card
Business Low Fee Credit Card
Business Awards Credit Card
Business Gold Awards Credit Card
Business Platinum Awards Credit Card
Debit MasterCard
Platinum Debit MasterCard
Business Debit MasterCard
Business Debit Visa

Ebonex Australia Pty Ltd Mastercard Prepaid  
Foris GFS Australia Pty Ltd Visa Prepaid  
Greater Bank Limited

Visa Debit and Credit cards

Hay Limited Visa Prepaid and Debit  
Heritage and People's Choice Limited Heritage Bank Visa Debit Cards
Heritage Bank Visa Credit Cards
HSBC HSBC Classic Credit Card (Visa)
HSBC Platinum Credit Card (Visa)
HSBC Platinum Qantas Card (Visa)
HSBC Premier (Mastercard)
HSBC Premier Qantas (Mastercard)
Visa debit card
Premier Visa debit card
HSBC Corporate Cards
ING Direct

Orange Everyday

Visa Credit and Debit

Klarna In-store Digital Card None
Macquarie Bank

Macquarie Debit MasterCards
Macquarie Visa Credit Cards


Mastercard Credit and Debit
NAB Business Visa Debit Card
NAB flybuys Rewards Card
NAB flybuys Rewards Classic
NAB Gold Visa Debit Card
NAB Low Fee Card
NAB Low Fee Platinum Card
NAB Low Rate Business Card
NAB Low Rate Card
NAB Low Rate Platinum Card
NAB Platinum Visa Debit Card
NAB Premium Card
NAB Qantas Business Signature Card
NAB Qantas Gold Card
NAB Qantas Platinum One Card
NAB Qantas Plus Card
NAB Qantas Rewards Card (Visa)
NAB Qantas Rewards Premium Card (Visa)
NAB Qantas Rewards Signature Card
NAB Rewards Business Signature Card
NAB Rewards Classic Card
NAB Rewards Platinum Card
NAB Rewards Signature Card
NAB Velocity Rewards Card (Visa)
NAB Velocity Rewards Premium Card (Visa)
NAB Visa Debit Card
NAB Visa Mini Card

NAB Commercial Purchasing cards
NAB Prepaid and Travel cards
Nium Pty Limited Visa cards  
Novatti Visa Pre-Paid Card  
Railways Credit Union Limited Visa cards  
St. George Check the list of supported cards Corporate & Purchasing cards
Travel money cards
Personal Visa debit cards
All other Business cards
Up Money Up Debit Mastercard  
Westpac 55 Day Gold Mastercard®
Altitude Black World Mastercard®
Altitude Black World Qantas Mastercard®
Altitude Business Gold Mastercard®
Altitude Business Gold Qantas Mastercard®
Altitude Business Mastercard®
Altitude Business Qantas Mastercard®
Altitude Mastercard®
Altitude Qantas Mastercard®
Altitude Platinum Mastercard®
Altitude Platinum Qantas Mastercard®
Altitude Platinum Plus Mastercard®
Altitude Platinum Plus Qantas Mastercard®
Altitude Platinum Plus Private Bank MasterCard®
Earth Black World Mastercard®
Earth Mastercard®
Earth Platinum Mastercard®
Earth Platinum Plus Mastercard®
Ignite Mastercard®
Low Rate Mastercard®
Westpac Debit Mastercard®
Altitude Business Gold Visa Card
Altitude Business Gold Qantas Visa Card
Altitude Business Platinum Visa Card
Altitude Platinum Visa Card
Altitude Platinum Qantas Visa Card
Altitude Platinum Plus Visa Card
Altitude Platinum Plus Qantas Visa Card
Altitude Platinum Plus Private Bank Visa Card
Altitude Platinum Plus Private Bank Qantas Visa Card
Altitude Qantas Visa Card
Altitude Visa Card
Singapore Airlines Westpac Gold Visa Card
Singapore Airlines Westpac Platinum Visa Card
55 Day Platinum Visa
55 Day Visa Card
Low Rate Visa Card
No Annual Fee Mastercard®
GM Holden Mastercard®
Corporate & Purchasing Cards
Global Currency Card
Gift Cards
Handycards and all other Business cards
Wise All Cards  
Suncorp Personal Visa Debit Card
Business Visa Debit Card
Clear Options Credit Cards
EFTPOS only cards

Zip Card
Visa Credit card

Zip single-use card
Other participating banks
  • 1derful Pty Ltd
  • Airwallex Pty Ltd
  • AMP Bank
  • Archa Limited
  • Australian Unity
  • Auswide Bank Ltd
  • AWA Alliance Bank
  • Bank Australia
  • Bank First
  • Bank of Heritage Isle
  • Bank of Sydney
  • Bank of us
  • Bank of Western Australia
  • BankVic
  • BankWAW
  • BDCU Alliance Bank
  • Beyond Bank Australia
  • BNK Bank
  • BOQSpecialist
  • Border Bank
  • CC Financial Trade Products
  • Central Murray Credit Union Ltd
  • Central West Credit Union Limited
  • Certegy Ezi-Pay PTY LTD
  • Cherrypay
  • Circle Alliance Bank
  • CoinJar Pty Ltd
  • Community First Credit Union
  • Credit Union SA Ltd
  • Cuscal Limited
  • Defence Bank Limited
  • Delphi Bank
  • EML Payment Solutions Ltd
  • Endeavour Mutual Bank
  • Family First Credit Union Limited
  • Firefighters Mutual Bank
  • First Mac
  • First Option Bank Ltd
  • Flexewallet Pty Ltd
  • Geelong Bank
  • Goulburn Murray Credit Union Co-Op Limited
  • Great Southern Bank
  • Health Professionals Bank
  • Holiday Coast Credit Union Ltd
  • Horizon Credit Union Ltd
  • Hume
  • Humm pro Pty Ltd 
  • Illawarra Credit Union
  • IMB Bank
  • Indue Ltd
  • Intech Credit Union Limited
  • Karta
  • Laybuy
  • Laboratories Credit Union Limited
  • Latitude Financial Services
  • MicroGifts
  • Maitland Mutual Limited
  • Maritime, Mining & Power Credit Union Ltd
  • Myer Credit Card
  • MyLife MyFinance
  • Mystate Bank Limited
  • Myy App 
  • The Rock
  • Nexus Mutual
  • Northern Beaches Credit Union
  • Northern Inland Credit Union Limited
  • Nova Alliance Bank
  • Orange Credit Union Limited
  • Paywise 
  • People's Choice Credit Union Ltd
  • P & N Bank
  • Police Bank Limited
  • Police Credit Union
  • QBank
  • Queensland Country Bank
  • RACQ
  • Railspay Pty Ltd
  • Reliance Bank
  • Revolut Payments Australia Pty Ltd
  • Rush (SendGold) 
  • Service One Alliance Bank
  • Shouta 
  • South West Slopes Credit Union Ltd
  • Southern Cross Credit Union
  • Spriggy
  • Summerland
  • Sydney Credit Union Ltd
  • Teachers Mutual Bank Limited
  • The Mac
  • The Mutual Bank
  • UniBank
  • Unity Bank
  • Universal Gift Card 
  • Virgin Money Australia
  • Volt bank limited
  • Vault
  • Westfield
  • Woolworths Team Bank
  • Zeller Australia Pty. 

Your bank decides if its cards work with Google Wallet. Banks may restrict any of their cards from making mobile payments.

If your bank isn't listed or your card can't be set up for mobile payments, call the phone number on the back of your card to offer your bank feedback.

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