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Important: To make contactless payments with Google Wallet, you must have an Android phone with Near Field Communication (NFC).

You can use your phone to pay wherever Google Pay is accepted. To make contactless payments with your smartwatch, you must also be in a country or region where that feature is supported.

To find out which banks and cards support payments with Google Wallet on your phone or smartwatch, select your country or region below.

To quickly search for your bank or card, use Ctrl + f.

Banks Supported cards Unsupported cards
Acti Labs Mastercard Prepaid  
Airwallex (Netherlands) B.V. Visa Credit, Debit, and Prepaid  
Arego Life Mastercard Prepaid  
Axa Banque Visa Cards  
BforBank S.A. Visa Cards  
BitPanda Visa Debit  
BPCE - Apetiz Visa card  
Boon Mastercard card ---
Boursorama Banque All debit and credit cards ---
Bunq Mastercard card --
Banque D'Escompte & Wormser Freres Reunis Visa card  
Conotoxia Sp. z o.o Visa Debit  
Currencies Direct Ltd Mastercard Debit  
Curve OS Limited  Mastercard Debit  
Deblock SAS Visa Cards  
DL Group Mastercard Prepaid  
Ecommbx Limited Visa Prepaid  
Edenred France Mastercard Ticket Restaurant card All others
Foris MT Limited Visa Debit  
Fortuneo All cards --
iCard Visa Debit, Credit and Prepaid  
Jenji Pay Visa Business Debit  
JoomPay Europe S.A. Visa Prepaid  
Juice Plus Prepaid  
Kannaway Mastercard prepaid  
Lydia Visa cards ---
Manager One Visa Cards  
max All cards --
Maxx 4 Mastercard Prepaid  
Melaleuca Mastercard Prepaid  
Memo Bank Visa Business card  
Mesh Pay Visa cards  
Moorwand LTD Mastercard Debit  
Monese Monese cards  
myPOS Ltd Commercial Debit: Premium Business Debit and Prepaid Mastercard Business Card  
N2 Capital AG Mastercard Credit  
N26 All N26 Debit Mastercards ---
Naga Pay GmbH Visa Credit  
NewGen Direct Mastercard Prepaid  
Nickel Mastercard Credit and Debit  
Ocean Wallet Mastercard Prepaid  
Oney Bank Visa Cards  
Orange Bank Mastercard cards  
Paynetics AD  Mastercard Debit  
Paynovate SA Visa Debit  
Payoneer Europe Limited Mastercard Debit  
PayQuicker Mastercard Prepaid  
PayrNet Mastercard Prepaid  
Paysafe Financial Services Limited

Visa Debit Cards

Mastercard Prepaid

Paysafe Prepaid Services Limited Mastercard Debit  
PCS PCS Black, PCS Chrome, PCS Infinity, PCS Virtual All others
PECUNPAY Visa Debit  
Pixpay Mastercard Prepaid  
Pleo Financial Services Mastercard Credit  
Pliant OY Visa Platinum Business Credit Cards  
Plum Fintech Limited Visa Debit  
PrePay Solutions Mastercard Prepaid  
Qonto SA  Mastercard Debit  
Railsbank Visa Debit  
Revolut All card --
SFPMEI SAS Visa Debit  
Shine Mastercard Debit cards  
solarisBank AG Visa Debit  
Stripe Technology Europe Ltd. Visa Debit, Credit and Prepaid  
Swan Mastercard Debit  
Swile Payment Mastercard Debit
Visa Debit
Trade Republic Bank GmbH Visa Debit  
Transact Payments Malta Limited Visa Credit  
Transcash France  Mastercard Prepaid  
TS Life Mastercard Prepaid  
UAB NIUM EU Visa Debit and Prepaid  
UAB Mastercard cards  
UP Aganea EDE Mastercard Prepaid  
Viva Wallet Mastercard Consumer Debit and Small Business Debit  
Well U Mastercard Prepaid  
Wise All card  
Xpollens Visa Cards  
Younique Mastercard prepaid  
ZELF Mastercard Prepaid  
Zillis Mastercard Prepaid  

Your bank decides if its cards work with Google Wallet. Banks may restrict any of their cards from making mobile payments.

If your bank isn't listed or your card can't be set up for mobile payments, call the phone number on the back of your card to offer your bank feedback.

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